neopets loser

also for that matter neopets should clearly sue mortis ghost for OFF over Masked Characters Who Live Mysterious Lives And Never Show Their Face

is it ever explained why the tombola guy is the last human being alive in neopia


the last recorded image of this innocent neopet before it was assassinated by a sniper. so in peace


the last recorded image of this innocent neopet before it was assassinated by a sniper. so in peace

i’ve had 4 free spins on the wheel of knowledge now. the krawk urges me to continue spinning, urging me on with the promise of winning stuff. i begin to write my final will as the needle hits the free spin section once again. a single tear falls from my cheek as i think of the wife and children i will never see again as i am forced to spin this wheel for eternity

its like a weird pseudo-daily now. it repeats every x days with a couple of teams u can join and fight for and stuff

dang. i guess you could say war… never changes’

wait is the obelisk stuff still going on

obelisk war? maybe

OH thats probably it. yeah i remember playing that for like a few days

why do i have a tyrannian paint brush. wh

OK time to try get back into neopets [flexes virtual pet muscles to the max]

So I logged onto Neopets and…






Tell me that’s not Sam Winchester.

If you like neopets and supernatural there is much much more where that came from


if i see one more post equating something to supernatural i’m going to lose my mind

alright guys listen to this, i think ive just found the reference of the century

ok so we neopros all know that neopets is set in this bad boy here right:


while this land may SEEM original it is infact based off of THIS:


shameless ripoff?? or something more deep? something more….feels? thats right the nameless planet posted above me is none other than the planet that Supernatural is set on! and if the similarities weren’t close enough:


BAM. what you’re looking at right there is the neopian moon, Kreludor, next to the supernatural moon, Feelsia. if THIS isnt proof to you that neopets is infact supernatural in disguise, what is???

also im pretty sure supernatural has a red space station or something. probably